Midori A5 MD Notebook - Grid Block

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A simple notebook that is optimized to make writing easy. The “note” in “notebook” also means “to notice”.  The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what’s on your mind can be put on paper easily.

The MD Notebook has no cover. Why? Because it is important that you can see the pleasing texture of the materials as soon as you pick it up, and imagine how comfortable writing will be. No bells and whistles; just the pleasure of writing.

And of course ease of writing is important too. Behind this no-frills design are a multitude of optimizations:

Threaded binding is used for MD Notebook, with 16-page quires bound at the back with thread. Threaded binding makes the pages both robust and easy to open. Usually used for items such as notebooks and journals that will be used for a long time, this binding’s ability to open to a full 180 degrees provides the ultimate comfort when writing, making writing a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Covers make a notebook more difficult to open, or cause wobbling. To stop these things from interfering with your writing comfort, the MD Notebook has no cover. This gives the MD Notebook an iconic design where you can see the mesh on the spine, called super, that is hidden under the cover in other notebooks. The exposed super spine bends easily, keeping the notebook open perfectly.

Bold lines divide each page into four segments - eight segments across two pages.

  • A5 Size: H210×W148×D10mm
  • 176 pages graph block MD Paper
  • Cover: Glassine Paper
  • Specifications: Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding
  • Weight: 258g
  • MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ are simple, Japan-made products that are designed to get the most out of our exactingly designed MD PAPER.

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