Lovely Lettering Kit by Erin McManness

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Learn to hand-letter your own inspirational artwork with this beautiful lettering kit that includes everything you need to get started: project book, sketchbook, drawing pencil, and fine-line markers.
The Lovely Lettering Kit includes drawing tips, lettering techniques, and step-by-step projects to help you create your own meaningful, hand-lettered artwork and illustrations, from floral and nature motifs to illustrated maps and creative prompts.

This all-inclusive hand-lettering kit comes with:

  • 64-page project book: Featuring basic hand-lettering and drawing techniques, as well as step-by-step projects and inspirational prompts to get you started.
  • 32-page sketchbook: Practice what you’ve learned inside the sketchbook.
  • Drawing pencil: Create your own drawings and hand-lettered artwork.
  • 10 fine-line markers: Add color to bring your artwork to life!

Packed with engaging instruction, tips, and elegant step-by-step artwork, the Lovely Lettering Kit is your ideal resource for learning to create expressive, hand-lettered artwork inspired by your goals, dreams, and the most important moments in your life.


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