Logan Graphic Deluxe Pull-Style Handheld Mat Cutter #4000

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The Deluxe Pull Style Mat Cutter #4000 is Logan's most advanced handheld mat cutter. 

This heavy-duty pull style handheld cutter has a marker bar system for faster marking, a pivot and pull blade, a border measuring bar, and an ergonomic handle. The blade slot prevents blade flex, resulting in straighter cuts. A start and stop indicator helps to eliminate over cuts. Features an ergonomic handle for comfortable operation and can be used against any suitable straight edge. It is fully upgradeable to Logan rail and board mounted systems.  Can be upgraded for use on Adapt‑A‑Rule, Compact, Artist Elite, or Simplex series. 

  • For use on standard thickness mat board
  • Marker bar for faster marking
  • Pivot‑and‑pull blade action
  • Ergonomic knob for comfortable operation
  • Includes five extra blades
  • Can be used with Adapt‑A‑Rule, Compact, Artist Elite, or Simplex series
  • Uses 270 Replacement Blades


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