Liquitex FreeStyle Professional Palette Knives - Small

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A full range of traditional palette knives for manipulating materials, on and off the canvas. Solid construction between blades and necks gives superior flexibility and strength. Non-reflective metal surfaces reduces glare when working outdoors.

Stainless steel blades resist wear and corrosion

Comfortably contoured, non-slip ergonomic handles for grip

Riveted handles give strength and durability

Traditional and experimental shapes for all types of artist

Flexible, extra-long curved blades are resilient, perfect for mixing and spreading paint, plaster and other media. Stainless steel and comfortable wooden handles help you to move large amounts of material efficiently to build rich impasto surfaces.

Squared and curved-edged trowels with a choice of flexible or stiff blades for mixing and spreading paint, texture gels and other media. Use them to transport and control large amounts of material. To shape, stroke, build up and scrape surfaces.


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