Liquitex Freestyle Professional Brush, Giant 5.5"

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Developed with artists, these high-quality professional brushes are designed for acrylic colors and mediums. Choose from traditional small-scale brushes for detail work and large-scale Freestyle brushes for specialized techniques, large surfaces and experimental applications.

Designed with specific techniques in mind - from large canvas coverage to murals, synthetic bristles are selected to suit the end purpose - for masonry, effects or smooth surfaces. Black non-slip matte-satin wooden handles are shaped to fit the hand and technique. Stainless steel ferrules are durable and rust-proof.

Cover large areas quickly with this specialist fine art brush. A dense brush head picks up and delivers a high paint load, while metal shoulder hooks let you hang it over the side of your paint can or water bucket. And when you need to go even further, just unscrew the handle and attach a broomstick.

  • Sustainable nylon and synthetic heads retain their shape
  • Stainless steel ferrules for strength and durability
  • Comfortably contoured, non-slip ergonomic handles for grip
  • Traditional and experimental shapes for all types of artist



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