Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache Jars 59ml

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The most intense colors. A flat, matte effect. No brush strokes. No cracks. No need to dilute. Superb fluidity and application: all with a permanent, water-resistant finish when dry.

The technology inside Liquitex Acrylic Gouache is complex, taking two years in the lab to develop. The innovative formula has a super-concentration of pure, ultra-fine pigments dispersed evenly in a flexible acrylic vehicle. It contains the highest intensity of pigment of any Liquitex paints, giving you serious color payoff every time.

Gouache is traditionally the go-to for flat, matte results. This formula is no exception, giving you solid matte color without reflections or brush strokes. Because it doesn’t reflect the light, it’s perfect for scanning and mixing with digital effects – making it ideal for illustration and design work.

Acrylic Gouache pushes the opacity of each color to its limits. Gouache is traditionally known for its solid color, as well as its tendency to crack when dry. The two attributes go hand in hand, so when Liquitex designed Acrylic Gouache they looked at the problem differently. They set out to ensure you get the flexibility and smooth application you expect from an acrylic, with the best opacity possible. Each color was developed individually, carefully choosing and balancing the type of pigments, the amounts used, and the particle size distribution. The result is a full range of opaque and semi-opaque colors, giving you the best possible combination of opacity versus flexibility, with minimum show-through.

Other gouaches need water to ease their way. Liquitex Acrylic Gouache gives you a creamy, fluid texture with superb brushout, straight from the bottle. Application feels effortless and flowing, with no drag - making it perfect for large area coverage or fine detail. And because you don’t need to add water, your colors keep their true vibrancy.

Each pigment is rated according to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and only pigments rated ASTM I or II* are used. This means your work will have archival permanence of at least 50 years+ in gallery conditions – with no color shifting or fading, to stay vibrant and true.
*Some pigments, such as fluorescents, are not rated

The ergonomic bottle and clear labeling have been designed in collaboration with artists, to help Liquitex create what they believe is the perfect format. It’s fully reusable and recyclable - and not a drop of paint will go to waste.

  • Stackable bottles
  • Squeezable body
  • Easy-open and close lid
  • Screw-off cap
  • Extra-wide next for easy access
  • No shoulder or corners to trap paint
  • Tapered nozzle with a choice of cut marks
  • Technical info in one place

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