Leuchtturm1917 A5 Medium Sketchnote Journal - Vanilla

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Those who express their ideas and thoughts not only in writing, but also visually – using visual language – work more attentively and faster. Visual notes allow us to learn more effectively and memorise content with greater retention. Thoughts can be expressed more precisely and given structure. Creating and sharing notes is much more fun this way.

As a result, visual journaling is becoming increasingly popular. So, now we have to learn how to make Sketchnotes? It isn’t as hard as you think and this Sketchnote Journal will not only teach you how to do it, it will give you plenty of opportunities to try things out at your own pace. You’ll have more fun taking and making notes, whether they are of a private nature, to assist your daily planning, or in a professional setting.

More than 250 icons complete with layouts will help you enjoy finding your own creative style and discover the joy and versatility of visual journaling.
The Sketchnote Journal was developed by Anna Frank, a visual designer from Hamburg, and Sabine Wein, an innovation strategist from Berlin.
Both work with sketchnotes every day – whether in workshops or in project work. With the Sketchnote Journal, they pass on their extensive
knowledge, which they have enriched with many ideas and methods from the Sketchnote community.

  • Dimensions: A5 - 14.5 × 21 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 186 Numbered Pages
  • 120 g/m² Paper

*Pencil shown for scale and is not included.


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