Kuretake Zig Gansai Tambi Watercolour Set 24pk II Art Nouveau

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Celebrating Kuretake Co.'s 120th anniversary, Kuretake introduces the “Art Nouveau” Gansai Tambi set honouring the artistic movement in Europe back in the year of Kuretake's establishment. The palette has an “Art Nouveau” theme, though with this collection of balanced colors, any illustration style may be acheived with this set.

The rich and intense colors of Gansai Tambi are handcrafted, professional-quality pigment inks. These high-caliber watercolors are blendable with a creamy-smooth feel that can even show up on dark paper. 

  • Solid water colors for professional artists and crafters. 
  • Ideal for sketch, illustration, sumi-e and more.
  • Package Dimensions: 15×200×217 mm (W7.87×D8.54×H0.59 in)
  • waterbased pigment
  • Colours included:
    Saffron Yellow, Green Gold, Flax Beige, Ecru Beige, Pale Pink, Coral Pink, Potter's Pink, Vermillion, Alizarin Crimson, Mauve Taupe, Old Mauve, Greyish Blue, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Pale Aqua, Cobalt Green, Billiard Green, Shadow Green, Pea Green, Ivy Green, Green Grey, Beige Grey, Yellow Brown, Mars Yellow, Venetian Red 

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