Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Limited Edition, Toyama Teal, Fine Nib

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In isolated places in the world, a dreamlike natural spectacle occasionally shows up in the nights of the spring months. In Japan, the coast in the Toyama district - which gives the new Collection variant its unusual name - the water is illuminated by a mystical blue light at this time. The rare and spectacular phenomenon is called bioluminescence and is caused by light-emitting living beings. Especially in Toyama, the spectacle is created on the accumulation of a special species of squid. The thousands upon thousands of points of light that create a captivating spectacle on the sea surface are reflected in the high-quality plastic of the fountain pen. Depending on the light, the pearl green pigments sparkle with varying degrees of intensity. The overall design is perfectly rounded off by the combination with silver elements.
Based on this fascinating effect, the writing instrument is sent in a color-coordinated packaging that is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water.

  • Limited Edition Toyama Teal colour!
  • Hexagonal shape keeps pen from rolling away
  • Only 10.5cm long with cap on, fits neatly in a pocket
  • 13cm long with cap turned over creates a more typical sized pen
  • Polished stainless-steel nib
  • Fits short international cartidges (1 blue included)
  • Supplied with a simple cardboard Kaweco box
  • Kaweco mini converter available (not included)
  • Optional pocket clip available (not included)
  • Color: Toyama Teal

Founded in Heidelberg, Germany way back in 1883.  Kaweco fine writing pens are still made in Nuremberg to this day, and their passion for the smallest details is reflected in the high quality workmanship of every pen they produce.  Using today's technology and old world know-how to craft the perfect instrument to meet your demands.


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