Kaweco Sketch Up Clutch Pencil 5.6mm Brass Satin Chrome

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  • Made of solid brass that is chrome plated
  • Hexagonal shape keeps pencil from rolling away
  • Removable push bottom on the end has an integrated lead pointer
  • Only 10.5cm long with cap on, fits neatly in a pocket
  • Fits leads from 5.3mm to 5.7mm
  • Comes with 1 5B graphite lead
  • Supplied with a Kaweco tin box

Founded in Heidelberg, Germany way back in 1883.  Kaweco fine writing pens are still made in Nuremberg to this day, and their passion for the smallest details is reflected in the high quality workmanship of every pen they produce.  Using today's technology and old world know-how to craft the perfect instrument to meet your demands.


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