Janod 500pc Puzzle - Raccoon Bandits

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Immerse yourself in the wilderness with this 500-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle for the most experienced fans of this classic brainteaser! You are witness to an extraordinary scene! With this game of patience and concentration, discover a funny illustration showing 2 very sweet raccoons in their dense and nicely flowered forest! These cute animals with their black mask and elongated muzzle, are part of a scene in the heart of nature, rich in detail and bright colours.

This puzzle for working on dexterity and logic is suitable for children from 8 years old and will of course appeal to older fans of puzzles. So reserve yourself a moment of relaxation, alone or with others, around this educational activity! This puzzle is completely original with its 48 cm x 34 cm portrait format. It is made in Europe. This product is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material.

  • Dimensions 48 x 34 x 0.175 cm (18.89 x 13.38")
  • Recommended for Ages 8+
  • FSC®-certified

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