Jacquard Pinata Color Exciter Pack - Alcohol Ink Set 9pc

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Piñata Exciter Pack

Highly versatile, transparent, alcohol-based Piñata Inks are great for: glass, leather, wood, paper, YUPO®, plastic, metal, metal foil, resin, wax and vinyl.
9 x 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Piñata Alcohol Ink with the following colors:

  • 002 Sunbright Yellow
  • 005 Calabaza Orange
  • 011 Señorita Magenta
  • 013 Passion Purple
  • 019 Baja Blue
  • 023 Rainforest Green
  • 030 Blanco Blanco
  • 031 Mantilla Black
  • 032 Rich Gold

Please Note: Due to the adverse effects of extreme cold weather on liquid ink cartridges and bottles, this product is available for in-store purchase or pickup only. If you decide you still want this product shipped, please make a request at websales@midoco.ca and that you are doing so at your own risk. Midoco will not be responsible if leaking or damages occur during shipping. 


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