Itoya Hikigiri Scissors - Citrus

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Designed for artists, the ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors utilize Hikigiri Technology to provide a precise cutting experience. Hikigiri means "pulling cut" in Japanese. Simply put, the top blade of the Hikigiri Scissors is designed to slice down on the paper in a smooth, pulling motion instead of traditional scissors that simply “press” down against paper to cut.  These scissors also feature a titanium coating, which improves their durability and helps prevent sticky residue from getting on the blades when cutting through tape.

  • Strong and durable stainless steel coated with a non-stick titanium coating.
  • Double-bevelled blade edges.
  • Curved upper blade.
  • Soft resin handle liners.
  • 2016 Good Design Award winner.
  • Developed by Nakabayashi Co. for ProFolio.

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