Inky's Medium Canvas Sketch Wallet - Black

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Always Have Your Sketchbook With You! If you're an artist, doodler, visual thinker or writer, the Inky's Sketch Wallets are the perfect combo of form and function. These sketchwallets help you keep a sketchbook or notebook with you inside your wallet, so you're ready when inspiration strikes!

The medium wallet is roughly 4x4.5 inches. The square format is also great for posting to Instagram! It comes in a gift box with a short 2B drawing pencil, a page clip, and one 3.5"x3.5" blank white paper replaceable sketchbook with 60 pages. The wallet has 5 RFID blocking card pockets and a money pocket across the top like a traditional wallet. It's the perfect pocket-sized sketchbook for sketching on the go.


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