Heebie Jeebies Moon Nightlight LED Light

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Now you can stay indoors to gaze at the moon and dream of jumping its craters in your spacesuit from the warmth of your bed. This 3D printed moon night lamp features accurate details of the moon based on photos captured by NASA satellite.  It changes from warm to cool light, and can be made brighter and dimmer, all with the touch of a finger to the base.

The Lunar night light casts a comforting glow, perfect for any little one who isn’t ready for lights out. It's also a unique accent light to add to your home decor and party decorations.  Comes with a stand to display it on the bedside table, or even on the coffee table of an avid space lover.

  • Stays bright for up to 6 hours, and comes with a USB charging cable (adaptor not included)
  • Measures 15cm / 6 inches diameter
  • Touch sensitive colour change features 2 light colours: warm light or soft white light.
  • Simply press the touch button on base to turn on and off.  It starts in the colour change mode.  For single colour selection, each press changes the colour.
  • Powered by USB, rechargeable. 
  • For ages 3+

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