Heebie Jeebies Luminscent Chemistry Lab Kit

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With these 5 unique experiments let your kids make their own glow in the dark chalk, glow stick, and glowing snow using this photoluminescence chemistry kit.

Learn all about photoluminescence and why things glow with this clever pop-up lab design with detailed instructions and explanations makes it fun too. Kids can learn to make their own magic snow that glows and can grow plants in, create glow in the dark chalk, and glowing glue to make and draw window decals. Use the UV light supplied to demonstrate the glow!

Make STEM learning fun and safe to do at home with this all-inclusive kit. Makes a great educational gift for the scientifically curious kid in all of us.

  • Contents: step-by-step instruction booklet, mini test tube rack, PVA, UV light, plaster of Paris, 3 test tubes with phosphorescent and polymer snow
  • Age: 8 years plus

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