Golden Isolation Coat 8oz

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Isolation Coat is a ready-to-use sealing coat for acrylic paintings. Previously acrylic artists’ only recourse was to dilute Soft Gel Gloss with water (the former and still acceptable recommendation) before applying it to completed acrylic artwork. Isolation Coat eliminates the need to measure and mix while increasing flow and leveling. Isolation coat is a permanent acrylic medium that seals surface absorbency and allows for improved varnish application and easier varnish removal.

Applying the isolation coat with a soft brush that holds a good amount of material, holds its shape and leaves no brushstrokes is ideal. Thin bristled synthetic brushes often leave the least amount of brushstroke lines. One to two coats are required, although at times, more may be necessary. Any visible brushstrokes can be negated by brushing subsequent coats perpendicular to the prior coat. Utilizing the textures and borders within the painting can also assist in creating a less visible isolation coat. This means mimicking the brushstrokes of the painting or using some of the visual edges of the painting can reduce the appearance of the isolation coat brushstrokes.

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