Golden High Solid Gel Gloss 8oz

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High Solid Gel Gloss is a very thick gloss acrylic medium.  High Solid Gels are similar in body to Heavy Gels. They contain more acrylic solids and shrink slightly less than other gels.  They blend well with colours and will retain brush strokes upon drying.

  • Thicker consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors, similar to Extra Heavy Gels.
  • Dries to a gloss finish.
  • Offers lower shrinkage and dries to touch quicker than most Gels.
  • Good for holding peaks.
  • Blends with colors to make them feel more oil-like and increases retention of brushstrokes.
  • Item #3120-5
  • 8 fl. oz. (237 ml)



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