Finetec Mica Premium Watercolour Set 6pk Flip Flop

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These 6 innovative Flip-Flop colours switch between colour tones depending on your viewing position or the angle of the light.

FINETEC watercolours are made with pigments based on ethically sourced natural mica or synthetic substrates. Some colours in the FINETEC Premium range are produced using either precious metal, such as silver, or are glass based.

Contents: 6 pans (Red/Gold – Pink/Orange – Turquoise/Red – Golden Green/Pink – Green/Amethyst – Blue/Violet).

  • High-quality watercolours, known for their striking luminosity
  • Unique formulation with exclusive pigments based on mica or synthetic substrates, up to silver or the finest fluorescent pigments
  • Brilliant colours, excellent lightfastness, strong pigmentation, non-toxic
  • Various effects, including pearlescent, iridescent, metallic, Flip-Flop and neon colours
  • Can be quickly activated with water and blend smoothly
  • Pans measure approximately 2.2 cm x 2.7 cm (0.87” x 1.06”)
  • Loved by artists and creative professionals worldwide
  • Ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering and adding special effects to any watercolour painting
  • Great for use with brushes, traditional nibs and glass nibs
  • All FINETEC watercolours are skilfully crafted in Germany under strict quality standards

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