Ferris Wheel Press Roundabout Rollerball Pen - Seaside Glass

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Indulge in a joyful writing experience that transports you back to the age of when you first put pen to paper. The Roundabout Rollerball Pen unites the convenience and accessibility of a ballpoint pen with the customizability of using fountain pen inks. Explore our world of colour with the Roundabout pen.

With it’s easy to use rollerball tip, and a refillable  ink converter, anyone can enjoy the dazzling spectrum of colours in the Ferris Wheel Press universe. The Roundabout pen is compatible with all  fountain pen friendly inks, and can be filled and refilled over and over again.

The Roundabout Rollerball Pen comes with an unfilled ink converter. When filling ink for the first time, please allow up to 1 day for the feeder mechanism to become fully saturated

Filling/Changing Ink Colours:

  • Unscrew the barrel from the grip mechanism.
  • Submerge the rollerball tip fully into warm water. Flush the tip by twisting/untwisting the converter mechanism until the water runs clear.
  • Allow to dry overnight.
  • Fill a new colour by submerging the black rollerball tip fully into the ink, then draw the ink into your Roundabout by twisting the converter until you’ve reached the top position.


  • For heavily saturated inks and darker tones or clogged tips, you may need to soak the grip/feeder in water overnight
  • It is normal for some air bubbles to enter the converter when refilling ink
  • Best for use with non-sparkling inks

Ferris Wheel Press is a design and stationery company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. They have been making fine stationery products for over 10 years, constantly seeking innovation and refinement.  Their mission is to make the world Fall in Love with Writing Again. 


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