Ferris Wheel Press Bottled Ink - 20ml Blue Beryl Tonic

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With over one year in development, Ferris Wheel Press have ventured beyond reality to bring to life a wondrous line of fountain pen inks that stretch past the limits of imagination. Dive into Wonderland and conjure your creativity while we help the world Fall in Love with Writing Again. Springing to life from the very pages of your most beloved storybooks, BEHOLD, the all new FerriTales™ collection of the finest fountain pen inks.

Take a peek at what this mysterious apothecary has to offer! Sift through the well-stocked shelves to find tomes of old amongst elixirs in bottles of every size and shape. Some brews beckon you to drink until you're blue, yet others claim to shrink you. Love potions simmer in heart-shaped decanters, and vials of fascinations sit awaiting use. Delve deeper and you may find strange contraptions that smoke and hiss, or maybe even a hat forgotten by an infamous Hatter…


  • 20ml ink reservoir
  • Ink Tone: Periwinkle Blue, Purple Duo-shade, Rose Gold Shimmer
  • Characteristics: High-shading, mysterious
  • Signature brass cap
  • Ink in the bottles have been adjusted, to the best of our ability, to convey their appearance on paper. Please refer to ink swatches for the best representation of their colour.

Ferris Wheel Press is a design and stationery company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. They have been making fine stationery products for over 10 years, constantly seeking innovation and refinement.  Their mission is to make the world Fall in Love with Writing Again™.


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