Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Set, Starter Lettering

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Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition. This has always been an interesting medium for artists and graphic artists. Faber-Castell has combined all the advantages of artist's inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use disposable pen. Ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. All you need for hand lettering: a graphite pencil for preliminary sketches, Pitt Artist Pens Fineliner for outlines, fine details and decorations as well as Pitt Artist Pens with Brush nib for lettering, swings and fill-in´s.

  • Pigmented drawing ink
  • High light resistance
  • Water-resistant, permanent
  • Odour-free, acid-free, pH neutral
  • Developed with professional hand lettering artists
  • Ideal for creative letterings and letter art
  • Store Horizontally when not in use
  • Contents Include:
    B = Brush Tip, 199 Black 
    B = Brush Tip, 274 Warm Grey 5
    B = Brush Tip, 272 Warm grey 3
    B = Brush Tip, 233 Cold Grey 4
    B = Brush Tip, 130 Cold Grey 1 
    S = 0.3mm, 199 Black
    1.5 = Bullet Tip, 199 Black
    1 x Graphite Pencil, Castell 9000 B with Eraser Tip 
    1 Metal Sharpener
    Includes a hand lettering guide with instructions and many tips

Responsible, Passionate, Ambitious, and Sustainable. Faber-Castell aims to unleash creative potential and inspire self-expression.
Faber-Castell is the world's leading and oldest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, making more than two billion per year! They believe that a respectful interaction with nature is key alongside sustainability, equal opportunities, equal treatment and the prohibition of child labor worldwide. Faber-Castell's forests in Prata, Southeast Brazil absorb more than 900,000 tonnes of CO2 neutralising the emissions of their production sites, and covers 82% of their global energy needs using renewable sources. Furthermore, Faber-Castell continually works towards using more environmentally friendly products and packaging from recycled plastic and cardboard, to refillable and PVC-free products.


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