Etch-A-Sketch Classic

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Unplug with the world's favorite drawing toy: Classic Etch A Sketch! For over 60 years, children and adults have enjoyed the magical world of pencil-free creativity and drawing with the Etch A Sketch Doodle Board. With its iconic red frame and white buttons, it's easy to draw on the screen. Use the left button to draw lines left and right; the right button to draw lines up and down; and the two buttons for bending lines or drawing at an angle Once you've mastered the basics of drawing with your Etch A Sketch, let the endless creativity begin! What are you going to draw? When you have finished one drawing and are ready to start another, shake to erase and start the fun all over again. Etch A Sketch is the perfect screen alternative for all ages – no charging, no battery, no Wi-Fi required. Have fun shaking and erasing with Classic Etch A Sketch!

  • ORIGINAL MAGIC SCREEN: Etch A Sketch is a great screen alternative - no charging, batteries or Wi-Fi needed. Turn the knobs and lines will magically appear on the screen! Unplug with the Classic!
  • SHAKE TO ERASE: When you're finished a drawing and ready to start another, just shake to erase and start all over! With Classic Etch A Sketch, you can be endlessly creative!
  • CLASSIC DRAWING TOY: For over 60 years, children and adults have been experiencing the magic of Etch A Sketch! The world's favorite drawing toy makes it fun and easy to create over and over again.
    Classic Etch A Sketch is a mechanical drawing toy for ages 3 and up. No batteries required.

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