Escoda Blue Set Travel Brush 3pk

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The Escoda Blue Set features 3 high quality synthetic travel brushes which are excellent for plein air and taking on painting trips. They are in two parts, enabling you to put the brush end inside the handle for easy and safe transportation.  A great addition to any watercolourists collection.

This Blue Set encourages a balance between superb brush load and fine details.

  • Features Perla Round #10 for its perfect point (although a medium-sized number is used), a large-sized Ultimo, Round #16, with an excellent water load, & a Prado Round #6 for the smallest details... essential for the most creative moments.
  • Handmade
  • Patented triple-crimped ferrule keeps it fixed to the handle for the life of the brush

The Escoda family has been making some of the finest artist brushes since 1933.  They have in this time produced over 75 million brushes by hand, and all to the finest standards.  Each handle is perfectly weighted and balanced for each brush size.


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