Enkaustikos Hot Cake 1.5oz Encaustic Wax Paint Tins

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Enkaustikos Hot Cakes are a ready-to-use encaustic wax paint housed in a convenient metal tin that you can heat up directly on your palette. Hot Cakes feature professional, artist grade paints made from the most beautiful pigments, finest damar gum, and United States pharmaceutical grade white beeswax. These wax paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever. The paints have a high pigment load that are lightfast and engineered to withstand the heat requirements of the encaustic process. With Enkaustikos' advanced milling system, the pigments are milled to their finest particle size making these paints densely pigmented, creamy, and yeilding the most vibrant and intense colors.

  • Reusable metal tin
  • All-in-one storage container and paint well keeps paints organized and dust-free
  • The Hot Cakes tin itself can also be refilled with Enkaustikos Cakes
  • After 20 minutes at 150-175° the paint will be fully melted

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