Decoart Stencil Ring - Roaring 20s

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Stenciling-on-the-go is easier with DecoArt Stencils On A Ring. Individual characters are on their own sheet and secured with a detachable jump ring, making it a convenient way to craft on the go. Each ring contains an entire alphabet font in both uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Approx. 2 inches tall, 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 10 numbers, 8 punctuation marks
Easy-to-use stencils on a convenient storage ring
Clear material for easy alignment

How to Use: Adhere stencil to surface with stencil adhesive spray or a light tack tape such as painter's tape or masking tape. To ensure a stenciled word will be straight, use a ruler and pencil or chalk pencil to lightly draw a line. Follow stencil guide lines to align letters or numbers you are stenciling. Position stencil, tape to secure and proceed to stencil letters. For curved lines, use a round or oval object as a template. Lightly trace around object and then follow the previous instructions above to align the letters. Once paint is dry, erase marks before sealing with varnish. Don't overload a stencil brush or foam pouncer. Blot excess paint before applying to prevent paint from seeping underneath the edges of the stencil. Immediately peel stencil from surface to prevent paint from adhering to stencil. Wash stencils as needed throughout the project to prevent paint from drying on stencil edges. This step will ensure clean, crisp edges from start to finish.

Basecoated Surfaces: Allow basecoated surfaces to completely dry before stenciling.

When stenciling on fabric, try adding fine grit sandpaper between the backing board and the fabric, grit side up. The fine grit sandpaper will "grab" the fabric and prevent it from moving or shifting while you are stenciling.

To create outlines of the stencil image simply trace the shapes with a pen or pencil. Add additional squiggles, dots, and doodles or fill completely.


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