DecoArt Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 2oz

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This clear high gloss brush-on glaze will deliver a diamond clear finish on a variety of hard craft surfaces. Triple Thick is a great non-toxic, water based and makes a great epoxy resin alternative to achieve a similar look with ease. Triple Thick lives up to its name, delivering three times the thickness as other glazes in just one coat. This creates a glass like, glazed ceramic look finish with depth. Dries quickly and will not crack or yellow. Allow to cure for 24 hours to ensure durability.

This gloss glaze is used on hard surfaces such as rocks, wood, wicker, plaster, paper mache, resin, painted china, bisque, pre-primed metal, jewelry, and more.  Triple Thick has recently been discovered to be a fan favorite among diamond painters. This gloss glaze is being used as a diamond painting sealer.  Our internal team is currently further investigating Triple Thick’s use with diamond painting!  

  • 2 fl. oz./59ml bottle
  • Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
  • Finish adds the illusion of depth
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • Before using over a painted project, be sure your project has dried and cured completely to avoid any dragging or blurring.
  • We do not recommend using Triple Thick Gloss Glaze on most canvas projects. Due to its weight, it can cause canvas to dip or bow. As an alternative, we recommend trying one of our DuraClear Varnishes for canvas projects.   

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