Daniel Smith Watercolour Essentials Mixing Set 6pk with 1oz Ground

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Mixing colors is a fundamental painting skill for all artists to maximize the creative options available from your paints. Each set is packed in a handy plastic travel box and includes a color mixing map along with tips and techniques for dealing with water ratios, mixing on your palette vs. on the paper, glazing and more. You will be amazed at how many different colors you can make with a starter set of six!

The Essential Mixing Set has six 5ml tubes of primary colors:

  • Hansa Yellow Light  (cool primary yellow)
  • New Gamboge (warm primary yellow)
  • Quinacridone Rose  (cool primary red)
  • Pyrrol Scarlet  (warm primary red)
  • French Ultramarine  (cool primary blue)
  • Phthalo Blue/GS  (warm primary blue)

These six colors will mix into an infinite range of new colors by using different combinations and techniques, from bright and juicy secondary tones to a range of grays and neutrals. Plus you get a sample of Watercolor Ground so you can paint on virtually any surface. 


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