Crywolf Iron-On Patch - Sad Ice Cream

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When your ice cream falls, you're no longer a happy clown...You're a cute sad clown with a cone hat. This is a high quality embroidered patch with iron-on backing. Iron it on, or sew it on - it's up to you! Slap 'em on your jacket, backpack, tote, pouch, etc. 

  • Iron-On
  • Measures 1.5" x 2"
  • Instructions included


  1. Heat iron to "High"
  2. Place garment on a hard flat surface
  3. Place patch on garment, embroidery side up
  4. Cover patch with a cloth
  5. Press firmly with the iron, using a circular motion for 60 seconds
  6. Let cool for 1 minute
    *If the edge of the patch can be lifted, repeat step 5

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