Conté à Paris Carrés Sketching Crayon Sticks 2pk Sanguine

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Conté à Paris Sketching Sticks are very soft to apply and made from natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether).

  • Renowned square shaped “carré” crayons
  • Use the edge of the crayon to produce energetic lines & details or its flat side to apply larger areas of colour.
  • 2pk Sanguine

CONTÉ À PARIS - FOUNDED 1795.  Frenchman Nicolas Conté created the pencil as we know it. Used by masters like Delacroix, Degas and Picasso, Conté à Paris pencils, pastels, crayons and charcoals have changed the face of art – and are considered to be amongst the best drawing materials in the world.


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