Conté à Paris Sketching Pencil #611 Sanguine XVIII

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Conté à Paris pencils are very soft to apply and are made from natural pigments. Excellent for life drawing and sketching, their high pigmentation works well on all many surfaces from paper to canvas and more.  These pencils are ideal for both light and accurate sketching and more opaque shading as pressure is applied.

The colour of the Conté à Paris Sanguine series pencil is a deep "rust" and its lines are easily blended.

  • Sanguine XVIIIe (18th C) #611 Coloured Lead
  • Excellent lightfastness rating

CONTÉ À PARIS Founded in 1795
Frenchman Nicolas Conté created the pencil as we know it. Used by masters like Delacroix, Degas and Picasso, Conté à Paris pencils, pastels, crayons and charcoals have changed the face of art – and are considered to be amongst the best drawing materials in the world.


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