Color Theory by Patti Mollica

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In this essential guide, accomplished artist Patti Mollica walks you through the most important aspects of color theory as they relate to oil and acrylic painting.

Regardless of your medium, a solid understanding of color and its applications is essential. Petite in size but packed with information, this fresh, contemporary take on the subject of color features step-by-step projects and practical tips and techniques to put color knowledge to effective use.

From pigment characteristics and color mixing to color psychology, you’ll find all the insight you need to make dynamic, harmonious, and meaningful color choices in your own works of art.

You’ll find within: discussions and illustrations of the complexities of color and how to use it as a tool for communication; tips for creating vibrant mixes, lively blacks, realistic greens, and flesh tones; and an inspiring collection of fresh and contemporary artwork.

Begin with an overview of color in the history of art and the science behind color.
Then learn color basics: the color wheel; hue, saturation, and value; color and value; color temperature; color relativity; and color schemes.
Everything you need to know about pigments and paints is detailed next.
With these essentials covered, move on to integrate color with your compositions and painting style as a means of expression.
Harness the power of color in your painting with Color Theory!


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