Clementoni Baby Good Night Lamp

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A sweet firefly that pulsates gently with light like a heartbeat, creating a soothing atmosphere for baby to drop off to sleep. A premium design and outstanding functionality to help baby drift off to dreamland and stay asleep. Lights and sounds have been carefully studied to make them part of parents’ bedtime routine for their baby. The music and soft light become a recognisable signal that it is time for beddy-bye.

Getting baby into the mood for sleep is a tricky phase and inducing calm and relaxation is vital so that the child is not over-stimulated and can drift off into restorative sleep all night long.

Dim light in the baby's bedroom settles and soothes them. It also means that the parent can creep into the room and check that baby is sleeping without having to switch on a bright light.

Classical pieces and white noise especially designed to settle babies and soothe them to sleep. The sequence of lights calms the child and get them ready for deep lasting slumber.

  • Conceived, designed and developed in Italy.
  • All Ages
  • Box size (LxPxA): 20 x 22 x 8
  • Requires 3 AAA/LR03 Batteries (included)

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