Citadel Acrylic Layer Paints 12ml

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Layering is a great technique for producing attractive natural highlights on your miniatures. These paints are specifically designed to complement the Citadel Base Paints and allow you to finish your miniatures with a flourish. Layer paints have less pigment in than Base paints and flow better from the brush. They are designed to be used straight over Citadel Base paints (and each other) without any mixing. By using several layers you can create a rich, natural finish on your models that looks fantastic on the battlefield.

  • Apply Layer paints to your palette and thin them to the consistency you want with water. Then, apply them over the base paints into areas where you want a brighter colour.
  • If you want to pick out details and make them pop then succssive applications of Layer paints, working from darker to brighter, will let you highlight areas so they stand out.
  • All Citadel paints are water-based acrylic that are designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin Citadel miniatures.
  • One pot contains 12ml of Layer paint.

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