Care Bears Collectible Peel & Reveal Surprise Figures Blind Pack

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Experience an all new way to play with Care Bears - with the new Peel & Reveal Surprise Figures! That's right, now you can discover 10 Care Bears besties that are new to the Care Bears universe by peeling to reveal who they are! Simply peel away the multicolored coating to reveal the 2.75" tall Care Bear. Collect, play, and display - as each Peel & Reveal Surprise Figure comes in one of three different poses and with a display to place your new Care Bears bestie on once you're done playing! Collect them all! 

  • PEEL AND REVEAL: These fun new Care Bears figures come wrapped up tight! Peel off the wrapping to reveal which Care Bear is inside. Which bestie will you find?
  • FUN ACCESSORIES: Each Bear comes with a fun outfit accessory and a unique display! Customize your Care Bear with their cute new outfits, then display your collection! Collect them all to complete your rainbow!
  • BIG FUN IN SMALL PACKAGES: The Care Bears Peel and Reveal Surprise Figures are 2.75" in size and come in adorable different poses!
  • Great for kids ages 4 and up.
  • Blind Pack: Style is randomized. There are 10 new Care Bears to discover and collect 

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