Caran d'Ache Technalo Watersoluble Graphite Set

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This Caran d'Ache Graphite Line Technalo Set includes 6 water soluable graphite pencils 6B, 3B and B and 3 red, green and blue colored variations which reveal subtle nuances in contact with water. The water reserve brush can be filled with water and used to activate the pencils or watercolours.

  • 6 water-soluble graphite pencils (2x 3B, 2x B, 2 x HB)
  • Includes a water reserve brush and metal storage box for creating multi-media projects wherever you go.
  • Designed and made in Switzerland.
  • Type: Water-soluble graphite pencils with a hexagonal shape for optimal grip
  • Lead: water-soluble, hard to soft, 3 mm diameter
  • Pencil: hexagonal, encased, hardness indicated
  • Premium FSC™ certified cedar wood
  • Techniques: Ideal for preparatory work or mixed techniques, hatching, superimposing, painting sketches, wash drawings.



"Caran WS Graphite Set: These water soluble pencils are awesome for wash toning your illustrations and drawings. These pencils have a variety of hardnesses and come with a water brush, making them great for travel." - Chris


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