Blueline 2024 Monthly Deskpad Calendar (Ì)

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Monthly desk pad with a clean, modern design that covers 12 months (January to December) for complete planning all year long.
DuraGlobeTM products are produced with Bamboo fibre paper which is an eco-friendly alternative to paper made from trees because it is a highly renewable resource.
Reinforced chipboard backer, tear-off sheets and bound at top.
One month on each sheet with one ruled block per day. Yearly calendar at the bottom of each spread and countdown of days passed and days to come.
Track projects, create schedules, take daily notes or schedule vacations. Blueline calendars will give you plenty of space to jot down important notes and reminders for the year.

  • Duration: 12-month, Jan. to Dec.
  • One month on each sheet
  • One ruled block per day
  • Yearly calendar at the bottom of each sheet
  • Non-refillable pad
  • Reinforced chipboard backer and corners
  • Tear-off sheets, bound at top
  • Bamboo fibre paper
  • English
  • 22" x 17" 

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