Beam Paints Spectrum 11 Watercolour Set in Birch Wood Palette

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Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Indigenous Handmade Paint. These palettes are made from birch wood block offcuts with bark still on, from a sustainable Indigenous Forestry Operation on Mantoulin Island. Each piece is carefully selected for character and strength. They are cut, drilled and sanded by hand and filled with just pigment and binder, so saturated the personality of the pigment really shows through. 

All paints are handmade in small batches with local Manitoulin honey, wildcrafted tree sap, hand gathered, washed and sifted Manitoulin stone and the finest lightfast pigments.  Finished with warm beeswax.

The Birch Mini-Cookie Spectrum 11 contains eleven 1/2” pans. This palette is a spectrum of some of Beam Paints most popular watercolours. Choose to paint the rainbow, or mix any two together to create a wide range of hues.

  • Includes 11 half pans in the following colours: Strawberry, Magenta, Peach, Pumpkin, Fall Poplar Yellow, Spring Green, Robin’s Egg Blue, Great Ocean, Almost Night, Blueberry Mountain or Lavender and Gold.
  • Natural Materials: Beam Paints is dedicated to celebrating their indigenous roots in plastic free design. Packaging is made from beeswax, cotton, reclaimed wood, and kraft paper.
  • Professional, Lightfast, Permanent: Beam Paints only choose pigments that endure, lightfast, vivid and expressive of their pigment.
  • Beam Paints manufactures and ships all their colours from their family workshops in M’Chigeeng First Nation on beautiful Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron one of the five Great Lakes in Ontario, Canada!

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