Art Starts in the Heart Instructional Art Book by Erin McManness

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A beautiful and thoughtful book for beginning artists, illustrators, and hobbyists who want to learn how to create inspirational, meaningful artwork.

Learn to draw and use simple line art to create your own inspired, meaningful illustrations. Beginning with an introduction to basic tools and materials, including pencils, pens, inking tools, watercolor, and markers, artists will discover helpful tips and techniques for beginning drawing skills, layout and composition, hand-lettering, and working with color. Then follow along with easy, step-by-step drawing tutorials as you learn to draw a wide range of subjects to help you create your own inspirational and meaningful illustrations, from floral and nature motifs to everyday items, banners, and frames. In addition, you can follow along, step by step, as the author demonstrates how to create a series of beautiful art prints. The final section of the book offers inspiration for the journey, with engaging prompts, illustrated frames for you to fill in, and a guide for creating a dream board to illustrate a manifestation of goals and dreams. Packed with relatable and engaging prompts to inspire you on your artistic journey, plus an abundance of relevant instruction, tips, and easy-to-follow techniques and tutorials, Art Starts in the Heart is the ideal resource for stepping beyond basic drawing and illustration and diving into purposeful and personal art expression

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