Arches Huile Cold Pressed Oil Paper 22"x30"

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A unique sizing and oil barrier (semi-absorbent surface) makes this paper ready to use without preparation. Priming is optional, saving time and there is less risk of damaging the surface in the preparatory stage. Resistant to scratching, the paper helps prevent greasy rings from forming and protects the fibres from oxidation in contact with the paint. It is very tolerant to solvents and the paint sits on the surface for an excellent rendering of the colours and faster drying times.

Its grammage and thickness are suited to the application of both washes and impasto. Practical to use as it can easily be cut to the desired size. Strong, but lightweight, it can easily be rolled up to transport. Ideal for painting outdoors, for travel, small studio spaces, and travel.

The paper texture is a balanced fine grain, comparable to that of a stretched canvas, making for very comfortable working. The artist can play with the surface, to obtain shadow and light effects and is perfect for oil sketches.

  • Perfect for oil paints and oil pastels, it is also suitable for marouflage, as it has very good mechanical strength.
  • 100% cotton
  • Surface texture: cold pressed
  • Size: 22"x30"
  • 140lb/ 300gsm
  • White

Made on a cylinder mould, a traditional process, keeps the quality close to that of paper made by craft methods. The slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The paper is homogeneous, with a flatter surface and better wet strength and stability, giving the artist more control. Paper made on a cylinder mould produces paper with deckle edges.

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