Ampersand Claybord Uncradled Panel 1/8"x8"x8"

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Museum Series Claybord Panels are made using 1/8" hardboard and features a kaolin clay ground formula that's archival, ph neutral and acid-free. The surface is sanded to an ultra-smooth, highly absorbent finish that allows paint colours to remain true and brilliant. Work into the surface by thinly applying paint or ink, then remove it, reapply it, even scratch through it to add contrast, texture and fine details.

Claybord is a multi-media panel that can be used with inks, egg tempera, acrylics, collage, pencil, pen, airbrush, photo-transfers, casein, watercolour, gouache, mixed-media, and to mount papers, prints and fabrics.

All of Ampersand's Museum Series panels are handcrafted in the US and are made with a solid core, highly dense, true artist hardboard that makes them less prone to warping than other panels. Tested to last over 200 years, only Ampersand seals their hardboard panels with patented Archiva-seal barrier technology. This provides a superior archival barrier between the wood substrate and the painting surface.

Ampersand Art Claybord, Uncradled 1/8" Profile x 8" x 8"



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