Amodex Ink & Stain Remover Stain Swipe Surface Cleaner 10pk

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Many stains. One solution.  Removes Sharpie, ink, dye, crayon, scuffs, wine, whiteboard ghosting and much more! The ONLY stain remover recommended by the manufacturer of Sharpie to remove Sharpie ink from anything.

Amodex works on all types of ink including ballpoint, felt tip, fountain pen, stamp pad, and even permanent and whiteboard marker! The world’s leading ink manufacturers including AT Cross, Avery Dennison, BIC, Mont Blanc, Parker, Pilot, Sanford, Tombow, Waterman and others lab tested Amodex and recommend it to remove their ink marks. Amodex is honored to be featured as the only branded product on Martha Stewart’s Stain Removal chart, Newell Rubbermaid’s Consumer Corner for removal of Sharpie, Expo etc and Crayola.

Amodex is non-toxic and safe to use on fabrics, upholstery, carpeting, and even skin. Amodex is effective removing everyday household stains such as food (mustard, ketchup, wine, tomato sauce, salad dressing, etc.), blood, grease, grass and more. Amodex removes stains from permanent marker from CD’s and DVD’s and more.  Amodex is recognized by America’s leading consumer magazine as a “must have in the home” and Rated #1 for removing ink stains.

  • A wipe saturated with Amodex stain-fighting formula designed to remove tough stains from surfaces.
  • Contains 10 individually wrapped packets of 6" x 8" non-toxic stain removing cloth
  • Handy wipes for on-the-go stain treatment.
  • Ideal for home, office, car, school, and travel.
  • Family owned and operated since 1958
  • Made in the USA

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