A Kid's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac by Aaron Hwang

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A Kid's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac is a charming, fun-filled introduction to eastern astrology, perfect for discovering what your sign—Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, or Pig—says about you.

Are you loyal like the Dog? Or stubborn like the Ox? What does the time you were born say about who you are? Can knowing more about your Zodiac empower you in your day to day?

A Kid's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac offers the history and lore behind this ancient classification system, along with practical advice for young readers on how to navigate relationships and apply oneself at school and at home, all based on the qualities associated with the twelve Zodiac animals. Someone born in the year of the Pig might prioritize stability and comfort. Naturally agreeable, they may need to work at recognizing when they're uncomfortable and speak up so they don't get stuck in the mud. Someone who is a Rat, on the other hand, might be ambitious and clever, but may need to take a step back from their own ideas every now and then in order to find balance.

Beautifully illustrated, with sidebars on Chinese culture and myth throughout, this book is an informative and mystical guide for any kid who is curious about the universe and how they fit into it.  


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