Winsor & Newton University Series #235 Round #10 Brush

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For fine detail lines & washes. The Series 235 is the same as 233, but with a long handle, which is more suitable for oil and acrylic painters.

  • Synthetic white nylon
  • Firm bristles that spring back to shape with use
  • Great affordable beginner brush

The University range of brushes are great all-purpose brushes.  Soft enough to use with watercolours, yet stiff enough for oils or acrylics

Winsor & Newton was founded in 1832, in London by chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton.  One of the largest and most well-known Art Supply manufacturers, the Winsor & Newton name and logo are synonymous with quality and expertise. They have been at the cutting edge of art material innovation and technology for nearly 200 years.


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