Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour 12 1/2 Pan Set

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  • This lightweight dark blue metal box contains 12 assorted Cotman Water Colour half pans with space for an additional 12 colours.
  • Each of the 12 assorted colours has been chosen in conjunction with each other, for a colour range that allows the cleanest mixing of the whole colour spectrum.
  • The robust metal box has a mixing palette integrated into the lid and a removable palette to help simplify cleaning.
  • Includes: Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Permanent Rose, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green, Permanent Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black.
  • From the manufacturer: Actual contents may vary.

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