Traveler's Company Refill - 2023 Weekly Vertical Agenda

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This 2023 Diary features a Weekly Vertical-Style format for TRAVELER’S notebook.
The Vertical Diary is useful for keeping track of schedules on a timely basis. This set of two books splits the year into two six-moth agendas (one for the first half of the year and a second book for the last half of the year). The MD paper used for this notebook makes writing feel simply great.

  • Weekly Vertical schedule (January 2023- June 2023, July 2023- December 2023), Calendar, Monthly schedule
  • 68 pages x 2 notebooks, MD Paper (Sewn Bound)
  • Bonus item: Diary Guide with Customizing Sticker
  • H210 x W110 x D8mm
  • Made in Japan

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