Traveler's Company Passport Refill - 2023 Weekly Agenda

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This is the 2023 Weekly Diary refill for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size.
The size of this refill is exactly the same as the passport we carry, so it’s suitable for using this as a mini diary where you can conveniently write down things that happened on that day.
This set of two books splits the year into two six-moth agendas (one for the first half of the year and a second book for the last half of the year). The MD paper used for this notebook makes writing feel simply great.

  • Weekly schedule (January 2023- June 2023, July 2023- December 2023), Calendar, Monthly schedule,
  • 68 pages x 2 notebooks, MD Paper (Sewn Bound)
  • Bonus item: Diary Guide with Customization Sticker
  • H124 x W89 x D8mm
  • Made in Japan

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