Toronto Scented Candle - Local Markets

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This candle is from a fun collection of scented candles created from the input and suggestions of Torontonians by Battle Rattle Candle Company! When you're locked-down due to Covid-19, you can still enjoy all the scents you're used to

"Farmers markets abound in every corner of Toronto. Walking through the door of any of them you are bombarded with the scents of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, honey and preserves, smoked meats and cheeses. It’s the local farmers, and the aroma of their sweet Ontario tomatoes that have always been my favourite scent memories."   -from the Battle Rattle Candle Company website

  • The scent of "fresh Ontario produce"
  • 8oz
  • Hand-poured 100% natural soy wax
  • long burning candle

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