Tiger Tribe Colouring Set - Magical Creatures

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Find a little magic in playtime with this Magic Creatures Colouring Set. Dive into a world of mernicorns (that’s a mermaid-unicorn!), rainbow-coloured kittens, and even flying puppies! Packed with activities, coloured markers, and stickers, this set is sure to captivate your little one with all of the possibilities.

This premium kit is designed for portable play, packaged in a sturdy, compact magnetic sealed box. Perfect to keep the little ones engaged while in the car, at a cafe, or when they have some quiet time at home.

For children ages 3 years old and up.

  • Each set contains: 36 colouring pages, 5 sheets of stickers, 10 quality markers
  • Mess-free portable play
  • Dimensions 1.5 × 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Weight 0.77 lbs

Australian brand Tiger Tribe is a leader in cultivating endless, creative fun for kids everywhere. Keeping little ones busy is not easy, and giving them ways to explore their imagination and make something meaningful is important. Tiger Tribe products are thoughtfully designed and are meant to keep kid’s minds engaged and open to loads of creative play!


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