Brain Quest Canada Grade 5 Quiz Deck

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Brain Quest Canada Quiz Deck Grade 5 and up
New and Updated 5th Edition!

This new and updated edition of Brain Quest Canada covers every aspect of Canadian history and culture in 1,000 questions and answers through seven categories: Notable Canadians, Geography, Arts, Science, Pre-1867, Post-1867, and This ’n’ That.

Test your knowledge on everything Canadian, from the First Nations to Sidney Crosby, including Sasquatch, Horseshoe Falls, the Great Lakes, caribou and grizzlies, Mounties, and of course, the Canadian Shield.

It's all about Canada, it's all about learning, and it's all about fun!!

Features two decks with 144 cards and over 1000 questions
Author: Patricia Hancock
Author: Linda Granfield
Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 7.3 inches
Publisher: Workman Publishing Co


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